Focus and Description

Array-oriented programming is a powerful abstraction for compactly implementing numerically intensive algorithms. Many modern languages now provide some support for collective array operations, which are used by an increasing number of programmers (and non-programmers) for data analysis and scientific computing.

This workshop is intended to bring together researchers from many different communities, including language designers, library developers and compiler researchers, who are working on numeric languages such as R and MATLAB, general-purpose dynamic languages such as Python and JavaScript, and statically typed languages such as Haskell, Scala, and C#.

The aim of this workshop is to foster the cross-pollination of concepts across projects and research communities and to explore new directions, such as:

  • Expanding the scope of array programming to encompass a wider range of data types and computations.
  • Transparently utilizing parallel hardware (multi-core, SIMD, GPU, FPGA) by leveraging the implicitly parallel semantics of array operations.
  • Simplifying the embedding of array constructs within existing languages which weren’t designed for numerical computing.
  • Connections between array abstractions and other models such as dataflow programming, stream programming, and data parallelism.
  • High-level compilation and optimization techniques for array-oriented programs.
  • Compilers, virtual machines and frameworks for array-oriented programming languages.

Please see the external website for the ARRAY’15 workshop for details.

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Sat 13 Jun

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09:00 - 11:00
Invited Talk and Paper Session 1ARRAY at C122
Chair(s): Laurie Hendren McGill University
INVITED TALK: Array Notation for Everybody
David Padua University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Talk From Fortran to performance via transformation and substitution rules
Andreas Kloeckner University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Techniques for Efficient MATLAB-to-C Compilation
João Bispo FEUP, Universidade do Porto, Luís Reis , João Cardoso

Call for Papers

The call for papers can be found on the external ARRAY’15 website.