The second annual Chapel Implementers and Users Workshop (CHIUW) advanced program is available at CHIUW Advance Program.

CHIUW 2015 Call for Participation


The Chapel Implementers and Users Workshop is designed to bring developers and users of the Chapel language ( together to report on work being done with the language across the broad open-source community and to move Chapel forward. Attendance is open to anyone interested in Chapel, from the most seasoned Chapel user or developer to someone simply curious to learn more.


The first day of the workshop will be presentation- and discussion- based, similar to CHIUW 2014—essentially, a full-day mini-conference focusing on Chapel. This year, we are also extending CHIUW to include an additional half day in support of interactive pair-programming and code-camp style activities. The program can be found at as it is formulated.

Mini-Conference Day: The backbone of the first day of CHIUW will be composed of talks from members of the Chapel community describing work they are undertaking within the context of Chapel. Other activities during this first day will include:

  • A pre-workshop introduction to Chapel for those new to the language
  • A “State of the Chapel Union” talk
  • A keynote by Bill Carlson (IDA)
  • A community/panel discussion on Chapel’s next steps and future

Interested parties are encouraged to propose talks using the submission process outlined below. The selection of speakers and final program will be curated by the workshop’s program committee. While speakers are welcome to prepare a paper to complement their talk, there is no requirement to do so, nor will there be any formal proceedings for this workshop. More specifically, presenting research results at this workshop is not intended to preclude their submission and publication at more established conferences and workshops. All talk slides, papers, and materials developed for the workshop will be archived on the workshop website.

Code Camp Day: The format of the second day will be less structured, but is expected to involve pair-programming/code-camp activities in which members of the core Chapel team will partner with users working to express computations in Chapel or developers striving to gain a better knowledge of the Chapel code base. If you have a specific topic or activity that you would like to propose for this day, please submit it using the process below.

Call For Submissions

Talk Proposals: If you have Chapel-related work that you would like to present during day one of CHIUW in a ~20–30 minute talk, please submit an extended abstract to . Your submission should not exceed one page in 11-point font, and it should contain:

  • The title of the talk
  • The list of authors and their affiliations
  • The presenting author
  • A detailed description of the work you intend to present

Hot Topics Talk Proposals: As a means of featuring a greater number of topics and speakers at CHIUW 2015, we’ve decided to add a “Chapel Hot Topics” session to this year’s agenda. This session will be composed of a handful of short (~10 minute) talks. To propose a hot topic talk, send the following information to by April 9th, 2015:

  • The title of the talk
  • The speaker and his/her affiliation
  • The speaker and his/her affiliation

Code Camp Proposals: If you have a pair-programming or code-related activity that you would like to see occur on day two of the workshop, please send a short paragraph describing it to . We hope to be able to accept all reasonable proposals, the primary constraint being the number of core Chapel team members available at the workshop to help lead them. For this reason, from a planning/resource perspective, the earlier we receive these proposals the better. So, try to get such proposals in by the paper submission deadline, though we will consider additional ad-hoc activities right up to the day itself (to support new ideas that come up on day one, for example).

Other Proposals: Chapel is a community language and our intention is for CHIUW to become an increasingly community-run event, so if you have proposals for other activities that you would like to see take place at CHIUW (particularly if you’re interested in leading that activity), please let us know.

Financial Support

Because CHIUW 2015 is sponsored by SIGPLAN, you are eligible to apply for financial support if you are accepted as a presenter at the workshop. See the SIGPLAN PAC website for more information.

Key Dates

  • Dec 8: this call posted
  • Mar 20: talk proposals due (no deadline extensions are anticipated)
  • Apr 6: notification of acceptances
  • April 9: hot topic talk submissions due
  • April 17: notification of hot topic acceptances
  • Apr 18: workshop agenda and extended abstracts posted to web
  • Jun 13-14: CHIUW
  • June 13: Keynote Talk - Bill Carlson - Shared Memory HPC Programming: Past, Present, and Future


General Chair: Tom MacDonald, Cray Inc.

Program Commitee:

  • Brad Chamberlain (chair), Cray Inc.
  • Rafael Asenjo, Universidad de Málaga
  • Richard Barrett, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Jens Breitbart, Technische Universität München
  • Mauricio Breternitz, AMD
  • Jeff Hammond, Intel
  • Rob Neely, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Michelle Strout, Colorado State University
  • Michele Weiland, EPCC