PLDI 2015 is the 36th annual ACM SIGPLAN conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation.

The full PLDI 2015 proceedings are freely available at

PLDI is a premier forum for all areas of programming language research, including the design, implementation, theory, and efficient use of languages. PLDI’s emphases include innovative and creative approaches to compile-time and runtime technology, novel language designs and features, and results from implementations.

PLDI 2015 is part of FCRC 2015, a spectrum of affiliated research conferences and workshops organized into a week long coordinated meeting that will be held June 12-20, 2015 in Portland Oregon.

PLDI Distinguished Papers

PLDI Distinguished Artifact

Congratulations to the Student Research Competition Winners!


  1. Swarnendu Biswas, Ohio State: Low Overhead Region Conflict Detection
  2. Jake Roemer, Ohio State: Effective Scheduling for Adversarial Memory
  3. Adarsh Yoga, Rutgers: Precise Detection of Atomicity Violations


  1. Jeevana Inala, MIT: Type Assisted Synthesis of Programs with Algebraic Data types
  2. Alex Reinking, Yale: A type-directed approach to program repair
  3. Jack Feser, Rice: Unification and Partial Eval. For Component-Based Synthesis

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In addition to technical talks, there are several special events happening at PLDI.

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PLDI 2015 is sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN.

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